Sydney Trains Award Winners

On Tuesday 22 May, Sydney Trains held its Staff Excellence Awards ceremony, celebrating 21 awards work across the organisation.

These awards are designed to recognise staff members that have made an outstanding contribution to our organisation and embody our SPACE behaviours whilst delivering safe, customer-focused, reliable and clean rail services.

Congratulations to our two winners from Train Crewing and Support Directorate:

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You said, we’re doing – Blacktown Crew Facility Access Pathway

When the Blacktown Crew Facility opened in November 2016, the plan was to get started straight away on a new access pathway so that crew wouldn’t need to walk through the commuter car park or bus terminal.

However, upgrades to the Blacktown station concourse meant that plan had to be put on hold until the proposed pathway area was no longer being used for vehicle access and to store building materials.

In April 2018, with the completion of concourse construction works, it was finally time to get started on the new access pathway.

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Rewarding Excellence

On Thursday 10 May, we held our inaugural Train Crewing and Support Excellence Awards and Howard Collins, Chief Executive, came along to meet and congratulate the winners and their families.

These awards showcased the great work happening every day across our Directorate, in areas of safety, customer service and operational excellence.

It was pleasing to see a real mix of winners including Drivers, Guards, Crew Support Officers and Compliance and Standard Officers.

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Security in the news

Train Crew and the Security team are all too familiar with the risks that trespassers and ‘daredevils’ take on our network.

On Monday 30 April, the Security Control Centre assisted police who arrested three teenagers who allegedly broke into the guard’s compartment of the train and rode on the rear buffer area. The group will be dealt with under the Young Offenders Act. The full fortnightly Security Wrap Up is available on the intranet.

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Become a Peer Support Crew Member

Train Crew are at risk of being exposed to a number of critical incidents, many of which can be extremely traumatic. Sydney Trains recognises that traumatic situations can have a severe impact on Train Crew and affect their sense of physical and emotional wellbeing and their ability to perform their role. This in turn can impact the individual’s family members.

There are a number of services available to help train crew deal with traumatic incidents, including professional counselling through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Critical Incident Leave (CIL) and Peer Support Crew (PSC).

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