Progression profile – Lamya Jouayde

Lamya Jouayde was a Crew Support Officer for 17 years before a conversation with a senior leader prompted her to move on to a new challenge. Lamya shares her experience of opportunities she’s enjoyed in over 23 years with Train Crewing.

What was your first role with Sydney Trains?

I started as a train guard in 1999 just before the Sydney Olympics. It was such a great time to be in Sydney. At that time, it was common to be the only woman in the meal room or a standby room. It was very male dominant, but thankfully that has since changed.

In 2001, I was successful in securing an EOI for a Crew Support Officer (CSO) at Central before a permanent CSO position came up at Flemington. I was there for 17 years!

After this you moved to the Rail Operations Centre as a Crew Assignment Officer, what prompted you to make a change?

Around 2018, a senior leader asked me about my career plans and really encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone. I’d already been thinking about it for a while, but it was the push I needed to move on.

I decided I had to start trying other things. I’d always admired the role of the Train Crew Assigners and I wanted this to be my next step.

It hasn’t always been easy – I’ve applied for EOIs in the past and not been released to take up the opportunity, but I persisted. Since then, I’ve been a Crew Assignment Officer, a Resource Delivery Lead, a Shift Manger at Campbelltown and currently I’m acting in the Shift Manager’s role at Flemington.

What attracted you to the Crew Assignment role?

I love the fact that it’s very hands-on. It’s a fast-paced, time sensitive, operational role and everything needs an immediate response. It’s a role that keeps you in touch with all stakeholders of the business.

You’ve been very successful in securing EOIs and have held a variety of permanent positions, what do you think is the key to your success?

You have to put yourself out there and get out of your comfort zone – I was in it myself for way too long. There are so many opportunities available now. Maybe we weren’t aware of them before but they’re more readily available to everybody via shift managers and online. In fact, head to the Progression section of the new Crew Connect site – it includes a link to EOIs across Transport plus tips and tricks to help you be successful in your application.

What advice do you have for someone looking to progress their career?

There’s so much opportunity out there, you just have to go out and get it. I can’t say it enough! Being a guard was a great starting point for me. I loved coming to work and it was the perfect job for me at the time. It’s great to enjoy your role and want to stay there for a long time, but if you’re looking for something different the opportunities are there – you just need to take them.

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