Coming soon: WiFi at more depots

Crew have asked for WiFi access at more depots and soon it will be available. In the coming weeks you will start to see Transport WiFi popping up on your device.

In an easy improvement to your ways of working, iPhones and iPads will automatically connect to the Transport WiFi networks when in range which means you won’t even need to enter your username or password. When you move outside the wi-fi coverage area your device will automatically revert to 4G.

No Transport WiFi in your area? It’s on its way! In the coming months you will notice increased access to the Transport WiFi network in more and more locations with the complete rollout expected by June 2023.

Questions? Speak to your local tech champion or get in touch with one of the support options below:
Train Crewing Mobility Team 1300 ST CREW Option 5 between 05:00-20:00 or email

MyIT 24/7 Service Desk on 13 31 48 or email

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