New door buttons trialled for Tangaras

Improvements to the Tangara fleet are currently being trialled with prototypes for duplicate door buttons  running on sets T121 and T13. The new design is the result of collaboration with HSR and RTBU representatives getting on trains and reviewing iterations of the prototype.

The additional controls will make the T sets more comfortable to operate, giving guards an option to control the doors from a lower location on the side wall of the crew compartment. The guard side grab rail has also been redesigned as part of the trial.

 “The design engineers and guards’ representatives have had to work around the existing equipment in the cab, and in doing so, have determined the positioning to be the most comfortable for the majority people,” says Catherine Kerrison Senior Manager Business Enablement who is leading the project for Train Crewing.

The trial has been in operation for three weeks and some of the feedback from crew so far includes, “Glad they are here!” “Very comfortable to use.” “Great idea to duplicate the buttons to help reduce injuries in the workplace.” Constructive feedback recommending further refinement to the positioning of the controls has also been noted.

Mortdale HSR Joe Carnuccio is one of several HSRs collating feedback and has been a major advocate for this change.

In the first two weeks of the trial he says there’s been no negative feedback in the 45 responses he’s seen so far: “It’s already been through a few designs which didn’t pan out previously because they weren’t in the ideal location. This is the best result by far. We’re not removing the overhead controls so guards can still use them and even alternate between them.”

The trial is one of the final requirements of the engineering lifecycle before the duplicate panels can be installed. Running for up to eight weeks, it provides an opportunity for guards to test the controls in a live environment and give feedback. If successful, the duplicate panels will be installed in all Tangara guard cabs.

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