Crew review latest iPad upgrades: SPR in TCSS and MFA

iPad upgrades have taken another great step forward, delivering immediate value to Train Crewing thanks to two new improvements courtesy of the Technology Enabled Workforce team.

Firstly, password fatigue is finally a thing of the past thanks to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabling a single log-in to set you up for continual iPad use, a much-anticipated upgrade.

Crew feedback has guided these enhancments, so it’s great to hear your reactions;

Sartaj Bajwa Central driver

“The biggest help is you don’t have to put your password in every time. This can be troublesome when you need to remember all the special characters and numbers that make passwords secure. With MFA you just click in, it pops up you, approve it and you’re in for 90 days, so simple”.

James Thorpe Cronulla Guard

“Having MFA means I can open up my iPad for 90 days instead of logging in every 90mins. I like it. It’s also good for those that may hesitate to use rail apps, as having this may help and hopefully they will use it”.

Crew are also welcoming that Stopping Pattern Report’s (SPR) now has a digital option, replacing the need to search SharePoint sites for each individual SPR before printing them. For those who have updated to the latest version of TCSS (v5.0.0), you will now be able to see your SPR on the roster tiles.

James Thorpe Cronulla Guard

“The best bit is the ease of using it and making it simple for train crew to find in TCSS. At 6pm the day before, altered working is published which I can view, and that’s nice to plan my next day. I can also screenshot the baseline schedule is which is really good”.

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Need support? Watch these handy videos on how to download the new TCSS and access your SPR in TCSS. You can also speak to your local Tech Champ, Shift Manager or call Train Crewing Mobility 1300 ST CREW Option 5 between 05:00-20:00 or email

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