Have you switched on to electronic safety critical documents?  

Thank you to everyone who has made the switch to electronic safety critical documents. This initiative will further improve safety and our operations through technology adoption.

Did you know Tech Champions will be at different depots every week, ready to answer any questions crew have about iPads and eSCDs.

We’ll also be sharing how your depot is tracking with eSCDs usage via TCQL on a monthly basis, thanks for all your great efforts to date and keep it up!

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Crew team stand up following customer fall

Incredible situational awareness and quick thinking of a crew team have helped prevent a customer from suffering serious injuries after they fell between a train and platform.

Guard Max Perkins and driver Princy Joseph Mathew response utilised all their training in order to take every possible step in ensuring the customer had the best possible opportunity to remain safe.

The incident took place at Eastwood station and Max’s Crew Manager Hoa Dang believes the actions of the pair led to the customer’s life being saved.

“In reviewing the incident, you realise pretty quickly if Max and Princy hadn’t managed the incident in the way they did, we would have a very different outcome today.”

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