New NextThere crew features available now

New features to the NextThere app will make it easier and quicker for crew to access real-time train information to support our customers to have accessible, informed and safe journeys.

The changes were rolled out on 25 November and were designed in collaboration with crew. Guards, drivers and trainers steered the way by sharing feedback and suggestions to make the app even more useful for users.

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Leading the way for inclusion with Leigh Jacobson

The Enabled Network team won an I’m Transport Award in the Champion of inclusion category for their efforts in increasing awareness and driving disability inclusion across Transport.

Ahead of International Day of People with Disability on Friday 3 December, Penrith Guard and co-chair of Enabled Network Leigh Jacobson shares his story on what Enabled Network means to him and the importance of increasing awareness and inclusion of people with disability.

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Keeping our customers at the centre  

In line with our priority to keep our customers at the centre of our thinking, we’ve recently made changes to enhance the way we hear from, and speak to, those travelling with us.

Feedback from customers has helped to drive these enhancements which are designed to better capture customer sentiment and ensure the language used in guard announcements and other channels is consistent across the network.

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What you’re saying about #techweek

We’re three days in to #techweek 2021 and crew across all 13 depots have taken the opportunity to switch on to electronic safety critical documents.

In doing this, they’ve started enjoying some great benefits including tailored safety information, handy notifications and one-touch electronic acknowledgement.

Find out what our people are saying about this exciting technological development and see some #techweek photos from across our depots.

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