Watch Train Crewing’s September Livestream

Catch the highlights from Train Crewing’s first-ever all-in livestream hosted by our Executive Director, Hayden Donoghue. 

In the video, Rostering Manager Cathy Pearce and A/Head of Crew Day of Operations David Barber discuss our ongoing COVID response, and driver Jenilyn Maniebo and the Mental Health Movement team offer some tips to maintaining your mental resilience in uncertain times.

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Taking steps towards a more sustainable future

For a second straight year, a group of friends in Train Crewing has been recognised by the Bright Ideas panel for an idea they submitted to improve the holistic experience of our people and customers when they travel on public transport.

Rajpreet Johal, Vinesh Khosla and Jins Varghese sparked our collective interest in 2020 with their MyMobility app and they have followed it up this year with a proposal to install a renewable and clean energy generating solution at stations.

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New menu options for 1300 ST CREW

1300 ST CREW has been updated to help simplify the way you contact TCLOs as well as Train Crewing’s COVID and mobility support teams.

These teams now have an option in the phone number’s home menu meaning that once you make your selection, you’ll be transferred through to the respective group.

A/Head of Crew Day of Operations David Barber believes this development should make the process of contacting the support groups easier for crew.

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