Delivering uniform solutions tailor-made for Train Crewing

Since its formation, the Train Crewing Uniform Committee has driven some significant change relating to the uniform our guards and drivers are able to order.

From the introduction of cargo shorts and soft shell jackets to updating our style of pants, the committee’s collaborative and structured approach to its work has led to various improvements in the uniform space.

Principal Driver Harry Firth is one of the committee members and he believes the key to the team’s success has been its ability to take on board feedback from crew and work closely with suppliers and other parties within our organisation to find solutions.

“I’m very proud to be part of the committee and of the outcomes we have been able to achieve as a group,” said Harry.

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eSCD pilot continues to soar ahead at Hornsby and North Sydney

In April this year, the electronic safety critical documents (eSCD) pilot was extended to include teams at Hornsby and North Sydney depots.

Over a two-week rollout period, mobility support officers and our tech champions based at the depots supported crew as they switched on to the digital documents. Since this date, further support has been provided through the local tech champions and shift managers.

In discussing the pilot, Hornsby tech champion Sunil Kumar said: “We had a great take-up of the eSCDs during the initial rollout phase and the follow up phase has been progressing soundly.

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