How your feedback is helping shape our future schedules

The Master Roster & Scheduling team recently toured depots in each of our sectors to discuss future timetable changes and how we can best plan for them.

In workshops held with scheduling reps, the team got a better understanding of what is working well in the current schedules and any recommendations for scenario development.

On the back of this, the Scheduling reps received an early view of the June draft schedules. Feedback from this will be gathered prior to a 2nd set of draft schedules being issued in a few weeks’ time.

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MHA profile: Robert Pizarro

A new batch of drivers and guards have completed peer supporter training which is the first learning step they’ll take to becoming Mental Health Ambassadors (MHAs).

Once this group completes the necessary workshops (likely to be May 2020), Train Crewing will have 100+ MHAs in place.

To offer some advice to the new group of MHAs and tell us about his experiences as an ambassador, we spoke to Penrith guard Robert Pizarro.

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More crew become Mental Health Ambassadors

In September last year, the Mental Health Ambassador (MHA) program was launched in Train Crewing.

80+ crew put their hand up to be an ambassador and be there to listen when their colleagues reach out for support.

Feedback from our MHAs suggest hundreds of conversations have taken place since the program’s inception which is in line with research suggesting that the first person someone will reach out to in the workplace is a peer.   

Following the successful rollout of the initiative, phase two of the program is now underway with more crew taking the first step to becoming a MHA.

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