Sydenham Station Junction upgrade works 

As part of the scope of works for the future South West Metro, changes are being made at Sydenham Station and Junction following the Christmas trackwork closedown period. 

Changes include the closure of platforms 1 and 2 along with the removal of the turnout to and from the Bankstown line. 

A new turnout will be installed to access the Down and Up Bankstown line on the country end of number 3 and 4 platform.   

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Payroll public holiday arrangements 

Over the December / January period, the following payroll arrangements will be in place: 

  • For the pay period ending 21 December, the pay run will be processed early on 24 December 2019 (rather than 26 December 2019) due to the public holidays. It should be noted that Payroll will be unable to deal with any queries until 30 December 2019. Please raise any questions you have through your shift manager as normal. 

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