Improving our operations: New team join our structure

TCS-Priorities-icons2To aid better decision making during network disruptions, a Train Crewing and Support operational leadership team will take its place inside the Rail Operations Centre this Sunday.

The group – officially titled the Manager Day of Operations team – will have direct responsibility for liaising with parties on the Control Room Floor (CRF) at the new Alexandria facility and will act as our directorate’s voice during the incident management process.

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Degraded operations in TCS: Then vs. Now

TCS-Priorities-icons2On New Year’s Eve, there were widespread delays across the Sydney Trains network following a series of incidents.

Similarly, the network suffered significant disruption on Friday 23 August when a roof hatch opened which led to the train being held at Town Hall Station due to safety concerns.

Here we look at the two incidents side-by-side and how the response in Train Crewing and Support has improved.

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Thanks for having your say

TCS-Priorities-icons3A record number of employees in Train Crewing and Support had their say in the recent People Matter Employee Survey (PMES).

Results show that our engagement score has increased by eight points to 63 per cent and there was a positive increase in all questions and topic areas compared to last year.

This has not happened previously and represents a significant achievement for our business area.

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