Reconciliation Action Plan launched

We are very proud to announce that our inaugural Transport Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) 2019-2021 was officially launched on Friday 9 August.

Many of the transport routes we use today – from rail lines, to roads, to water crossings – follow the traditional Songlines, trade routes and ceremonial paths in Country that our nation’s First Peoples followed for tens of thousands of years.

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Don’t slip up when it comes to safety 


Rail Safety Week (RSW) is underway with this year’s theme being Slips, Trips and Falls. 

Last year, over 66 per cent of customer incidents at train stations were related to slips, trips and falls, highlighting the need for greater awareness.

A range of internal and customer facing RSW materials are being displayed around the network with Guard Sunny Garcha featuring in one of the activations (pictured above). 

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Our new conversation piece

Members of Train Crewing and Support (TC&S) teams provided feedback that they wanted more information about the directorate’s key priorities, the work being done to achieve them and the input they can have.

Following a session in Burwood to run through the priorities with Support employees , conversations about TC&S’s purpose and direction are now taking place between Crew and managers.  Continue reading “Our new conversation piece”

Training team thinks big with smaller classes


The Crew Trainee Operations and Capability team has announced that a pilot program is underway to optimise elements of the training course for new Drivers.

This new approach has been developed with the TfNSW Learning and Development Team in consultation with the Driver Trainer Steering Committee, and is an important development in optimising the utilisation of training resources.

One of the key measures of the pilot is that fortnightly Trainee Train Driver schools of nine trainees per school will run instead of one monthly school of 16.

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IT teams tap into the knowledge of Guards

TCS-Priorities-icons5The rollout of the new mobile device for Guards is a step closer after the fourth TCS mobility workshop was held earlier this month.

Guards, management, rostering officers and IT professionals took part in the sessions, designed to highlight improvement measures that can be made to Crew facing applications and software programs.

Crew Manager Jake Billett hosted the sessions and said: “Workshops are currently focusing on the development of Roster View and Shift Swap scenarios and are largely supported by the expertise of the development team.”

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