A Set apart

Among their countless credits is a starring role in the film that launched Heath Ledger’s career, but now, Sydney Trains’ S-sets are preparing to take their final bow.

The much-loved sets will be officially retired on Friday night, making way for the growing fleet of Waratahs.

Part of Sydney’s fabric for over 30 years, news of a final journey will be bittersweet for many, especially those who operated or travelled on the sets in the 80’s and 90’s.

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Free Flu Vaccination Vouchers

Not able to attend a vaccination session from the timetable?

You can receive a free flu vaccination by requesting a voucher to use at a participating chemist.

Request your voucher here and follow the instructions on the page. You must take your ID and voucher with you.

All vouchers expire on Monday 15 July.

Please note: Flu vaccinations and vouchers are for employees only and there is a shortage of vaccines across Australia so please call ahead to ensure stock availability.

Visit the intranet for more information.

Responding to Customer Initiated Violence

A new fact sheet has just been released for Train Crew emphasising the importance of reporting incidents of customer initiated violence (CIV).

The document also provides guidance on how to approach a member of the public behaving erratically and steps to take to minimise the risk of escalating a situation.

In discussing the CIV one-pager, Train Crewing & Support Safety Professional Vicky Riddett urged all members of Train Crew to familiarise themselves with the content.

“A great deal of the information is common sense, but it won’t hurt anyone to read over it,” said Vicky.

“Being clear on how to manage certain situations is vitally important and the SAFER approach that we’ve detailed in the document will assist you in this regard.”

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Happy retirement Greg!

After 40 years with Sydney Trains, Leppington Driver Greg Hunter has announced his retirement.

Officially taking the controls for the final time on 5 July, Greg calls time on a role he aspired to filling at 18-years of age.

“I always wanted to be a Train Driver, but when I started with the business in 1979 I was under the minimum age to drive,” said Greg.

“Like most from that era, I started on stations and shortly became a Guard.

“In 1997, I then finally realised the dream and became a Driver.”

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