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Another month and another round of compliments received from our customers acknowledging the informative and entertaining announcements our guards are making, well done!

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Kim issues reminder to Crew: ‘Maintain three points of contact’

After rupturing a tendon following a fall, Waterfall Driver Trainer Kim Martin has issued a call to Train Crew to remain vigilant to slip, trip and fall hazards.

When making the routine climb into the Crew cab last month, the 16-year veteran of Sydney Trains slipped from the foothold and tumbled to the track below, landing awkwardly on his left foot.

Immediately realising he had sustained a serious injury, Kim was taken for x-rays after which doctors advised he’d be unable to bear weight on his leg for 12 weeks.

“I have climbed into that cab thousands and thousands of times, but it shows that no matter how many times you do it, the potential for a slip is always there,” said Kim.

“That’s why it is so important you remember the three points of contact principle when using a ladder or climbing.

“Believe me, rupturing a tendon is not a pleasant experience, and I just hope that this serves as a very stark reminder to everyone in our organisation to not become complacent on this front.”

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