Getting to Know You

Our latest profile comes from Dane Hagstrom, a Train Guard based at Campbelltown.

When did you join Sydney Trains?

My training commenced in January 2017 and I started on the network in June that year.

Tell us a bit about your role…

There are no real grey areas to my job. It’s about helping people travel safely.

How would your colleagues describe you?

As a pretty sociable guy who likes a laugh.

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Happy 30th!

The Long Service Awards for Train Crewing and Support were held this week, celebrating those within the directorate who have worked at Sydney Trains for 30 years.

10 staff members celebrated the milestone this year with six attending the official ceremony at Sydney Tower (formerly known as Centrepoint).

Hayden Donoghue, Executive Director, Train Crewing and Support, hosted the event on behalf of Sydney Trains and said award recipients should be proud of their work over the past three decades.

“30 years of service in the railways is a wonderful achievement and shows a remarkable amount of loyalty and dedication,” said Hayden.

“Each member of Crew recognised today has worked incredibly hard to reach this point and has no doubt made many sacrifices for our organisation along the way.

“The contribution of this group to keep our city moving over the years cannot be understated, whilst their collective 300+ years of experience on the network is now invaluable moving forward.

“It truly is a great honour to present these awards and I would like to reinforce how appreciative we all are of their efforts,” he added.

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10 golden rules of using Workplace

Have you ever hovered your cursor over the send button wondering whether the content you’re about to post is really appropriate?

Navigating the rules and processes around the use of social networks at work can be tricky, but with a common-sense approach and a little bit of research, you’ll be in a far better position to share your photos, ideas and opinions with confidence.

To help you get a better understanding of how to use Workplace, here’s a quick list of do’s and don’ts.

  1. Your job comes first

Make sure that your online activities do not interfere with performing your job or our commitment to customers. For frontline staff, it’s recommended that you turn off notifications so you are not distracted during your shifts.

  1. Use good judgement and common sense

You are responsible for the material you post so always use good judgment and common sense in deciding what you publish. Content that may be considered appropriate on personal social media may not be suitable in a work setting.

  1. Be respectful

All employees are required to show respect for the opinions of others when engaging in conversations. It’s acceptable to disagree, but it is necessary to do so in a respectful manner. 

  1. Work out if it is really the best place to leave feedback

If you wish to provide feedback to an area of Sydney Trains, make sure it is constructive and consider whether posting to Workplace is the most appropriate way to provide it. In many cases, it would be better to make a phone call or write an email. Continue reading “10 golden rules of using Workplace”

A Guard of honour

Popular and respected Train Guard Ragini Naidu has been recognised at the Staff Excellence Awards for her work in helping push for greater gender equality and improved support services at Sydney Trains.

Tirelessly working behind the scenes, Ragini has organised countless awareness events over the past decade, dedicating herself to bettering lives of colleagues and those within her the local community.

“For me, there is nothing more important than helping others,” said Ragini.

“No one should suffer in silence and that’s why it’s so important we do all we can to support each other.

“Whether that’s by giving someone a hug or by trying to change the system to make it fairer, we need to act rather than sit back.”

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A healthy turnout for awareness event

An impressive line-up of speakers visited Auburn Stabling Yard this week to spread some important messages regarding men’s health.

Touching on topics including the high rate of depression amongst Australian males, the event featured Gus Worland, Gotcha4Life founder, and Sam Webb, Livin co-founder.

Nick Hayek, Crew Manager (Auburn), was one of the driving forces behind the day and he remains committed to organising similar gatherings in future.

“Talking about issues such as depression, homelessness and suicide isn’t easy and that’s why it’s so important we have events like this,” said Nick.

“Hearing from Sam and Gus, it really hit home how poorly we, and men especially, deal with things they feel are getting on top of them.

“Hopefully this does makes a difference as every attendee is now better equipped to help a mate out if they’re going through a rough time of it.”

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Like mother, like son

It was a family affair at Petersham this week when Erika Smith and her son Max Perkins graduated Guard training together.

The duo helped form a 14 strong intake of Guard graduates into Train Crewing and are also part of the successful Indigenous Pathways program that was set up to attract more First Australians to Sydney Trains.

Making the transition from a Customer Service Attendant (CSA) to Guard, Erika was a reluctant recruit at first, but now couldn’t be happier with her decision to make the switch.

“I had been a CSA for five years and when I stumbled across the Pathways program, I thought it would be perfect for Max,” said Erika.

“He’s a great talker and a hard worker, so I thought he had the makings of a good Guard.

“I wasn’t so sure about it for myself, but at the 11th hour I decided to join him which has proved a great decision,” she added.

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