Your passport to a fitter you

Fitness Passport is our fitness program that allows you and your immediate family members to access over 400 gyms and pools in NSW at a discounted rate.

Is the program missing your favourite or local fitness centre? Then let us know the fitness facilities that you’d like to see added by completing this two minute survey before 7 September 2018. Once we have collated the responses we will let you know the results.

Please click here to complete the survey.

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Rail Safety Week in the news

In support of this year’s Rail Safety Week, the Sydney Trains’ media team has continued its proactive work in highlighting the risks and impacts of unsafe behaviour on and around our network.

Last night, several news channels covered the increase in train surfing which is up three fold since last year.

There was no holding back when describing the dangers of this reckless behaviour. Comments from the coverage included “thrill seeking idiots are risking lives, causing delays and putting drivers through hell” and “do not play Russian roulette with a 400 ton train, it is completely stupid”.

Here’s the news segment from Channel 7.

Open for business – the new Blacktown Meal Room

When planning and designing the new meal room facilities at Blacktown Station, it was really important that the end result met the needs of the crew who would be using it. 


So it made perfect sense for members of the Blacktown team and the local delegates to be involved throughout the process to make sure that everyone would be happy with the finished product.


The newly opened facilities include a huge new meal room that seats more than 50 people, a full size kitchen, bag racks, a dedicated training room and crew kiosks.

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Play your part in SPAD reduction

When it comes to SPADs, the new financial year has not started well.

Compared to July 2017, during July 2018 there was a 33 per cent increase in the number of SPADs. Within seven days, there were two days with two SPADs per day.

Both Guards and Drivers have an important role to play in minimising the risk of SPADs.

This video shares some useful tips to help in SPAD reduction, including the handy technique of ‘pointing and calling’.

By working as a team and staying focused on SPAD reduction, we can reduce the number of SPADs in the months ahead.

If you’ve any questions, please contact the Train Crewing Compliance Unit –

Getting to know…Driver, Chris Noble

Chris Noble, a Driver at Leppington, gives us an insight into what inspires him and what he loves most about his role. 

When did you join Sydney Trains?

I joined Sydney Trains on 12 August 2013.

What attracted you to the job and why?

I wasn’t really looking to become a driver, but when I saw the ad it almost spoke to me because it was the perfect fit! I’ve always loved driving and being behind the controls – it comes very naturally to me.

What do you love about your job?

I really do love my job! I love being on my own in the cab – it’s like a little sanctuary for me where I can recharge my batteries and emerge feeling as though I can tackle the world.

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