SHEM now live

SHEM (Safety, Health and Environment Management) is a new platform for Sydney Trains to better manage Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) incidents across the network.

SHEM went live on Sunday 1 July.

** Note: There was a system error which resulted in a “Training Expiration Notification” email being sent to all staff, including Train Crew.  Please disregard this email.  You do not need to complete this training.  Train Crew are being removed from the mandatory training list.  

While the introduction of SHEM does change some reporting processes, there is no change for Train Crew. If you see a Hazard or risk, please continue to follow the current process and report it to your Shift Manager who will then use the SHEM system. 


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Next phase Waratah Series 2 Testing

Our two Waratah B-Sets have reached the next phase of testing on the network.

This means that the Waratah Series 2 trains are now approved to operate under their own power and have started ‘Routine Testing’ and ‘Reliability Growth Running’ (RGR).

This is a significant milestone, with Waratah Series 2 trains expected to begin rolling onto the tracks later this year.

Our test crew will continue to be on each train as this testing is carried out on all 24 sets, ensuring all systems are operational and reliable before they enter into service.

You can find out more information about the testing processes in this Testing and Commissioning fact sheet.

Photo above by Driver, Troy Green.


Post paper surveys by Monday 25th

There has been a fantastic response to the People Matter Employee Survey (PMES).

If you haven’t had your say yet, please set aside 30 minutes to let us know how we’re doing and what can be improved.

The online survey is open until 2 July, however paper surveys need to be posted by Monday 25 June to make sure they are received in time and your feedback is counted.

Remember this is the only employee survey this year, and it’s completely anonymous.

ATP Phase One complete

On Wednesday, 16 May the ATP Project team successfully completed phase one of the System Integration Testing (SIT).

167 test runs were completed throughout the testing period across Hornsby – Gosford – Wyong area.

The team were pleased with the performance of the ATP system throughout testing and any defects identified will follow a rectification process to ensure the system will operate as required at go-live.

This is a key milestone for the ATP project and has been a huge collaborative effort with stakeholders from across the business including:

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Each month, we receive several tweets from our customers complimenting the guard announcements on their service.

It’s wonderful to read about the positive impact these announcements have on their day and how appreciative customers are of this service; here are some of the highlights…

Crew tweets_current5.jpg

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