Stretch it Out

Earlier this year, Health Services launched the ‘Stretch it Out’ program for Train Crew.  This is a stretching and mobilisation program developed specifically for Train Crew by a professional exercise physiologist.

Following a review completed by Safety last year, which looked at the number of musculoskeletal injuries amongst train crew, it was decided to have an exercise physiologist accompany guards and drivers on multiple train sets to analyse their day-to-day movements.

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Guard Working on Book Off Day (WOBOD) Payments

Feedback has been received that many guards expected Working on Book Off Day (WOBOD) payments to be made in the same fortnight that the WOBOD was accrued.

We have held several discussions with Payroll to investigate if this is possible, however, there are practical issues that prevent this happening, including the risk of delaying the entire pay run and the risk of inaccuracy.

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Sydney Trains Award Winners

On Tuesday 22 May, Sydney Trains held its Staff Excellence Awards ceremony, celebrating 21 awards work across the organisation.

These awards are designed to recognise staff members that have made an outstanding contribution to our organisation and embody our SPACE behaviours whilst delivering safe, customer-focused, reliable and clean rail services.

Congratulations to our two winners from Train Crewing and Support Directorate:

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